Sangria, Paella, and Spandex! What more do you need!

I always enjoy going to Chatuchak Market at the weekend as each time I go I discover a new treasure hidden in one of the many lanes.

The best time to get there is about 9.30. Most of the shops are open by then but the crowds haven’t arrived yet and the heat not too oppressive. I never go with an agenda but just wander aimlessly and despite having visited many times over the years there are still parts of the market I have yet to see, such is the vastness and the sheer number of stalls.

This last weekend though I discovered a great place to hang out and people watch while recharging your batteries for another couple of hours of roaming the stalls.

The place is called Viva Aviv and I stumbled upon it when I was looking for a place to sit for a while.   What caught my attention was the Spanish Chef standing in front tending to a large paella pan, not something one would expect in a market in Thailand.


Feeling like a change from Thai food we sat down, discovered they also serve Sangria, and settled in for a bit of R&R. The chef is very entertaining and happily poses for photos and keeps the passing crowd entertained with his “aerial seasoning” of the paella ( by the end of the afternoon the ground is covered in salt!)


If he isn’t entertaining enough the bar has a live DJ, which seems to change each week, and the combination of Sangria and the great music means that an intended half an hour stop stretches into a couple of hours and before you know it half the afternoon has passed.


I wasn’t the only one this happened to. The Scandinavian couple next to us who had sat down for a cold can of coke soon graduated to a jug of Marguerita, whipped out their iPad and settled in for an afternoon of backgammon while dancing between moves!

And to top the afternoon off we were visited by a bunch of strange figures in black bodysuits who proceeded to do in impromptu dance in front of us!


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