French Cuisine, Cuban Libations, Indian delectations

There are a lot of places in Pondicherry to satisfy my main aim in life (filling my stomach).
However my favourite and arguably the best purveyor of culinary delights is Villa Shanti.
Villa Shanti is a beautifully restored French Colonial building which has been converted into a lovely boutique hotel.
One of the main draw cards is the open air restaurant in the central courtyard which serves very good Continental and Indian food.
On our recent visit we arrived for dinner and I rapidly proceeded to order something which I have only recently discovered in life but about which I am determined to make up for lost time.
Villa Shanti makes possibly the best Mojitos outside of Cuba and being particularly dehydrated and realizing the importance of keeping fluid levels high in the tropics I made sure one was on the table in front of me not long after I arrived.

In the meantime the Boss had ordered a smoked chicken and avocado salad which was extremely tasty.


However preferring to concentrate on rehydrating myself I quickly ordered another mojito. The only negative with Villa Shanti is that their mojitos seem to take a long time to prepare ( something to do with the mint leaves being handpicked by French maidens under a full moon and then crushed with the blunt end of a  Baguette) so it is wise to order the next before you reach the bottom of the first.
The next course arrived, the boss taking delivery of her seafood spaghetti



while I decided to partake of the Barracuda with Polenta to fill in the gaps between mojitos.


Whilst this was delicious it was all in preparation for the piece-de-resistance ( my school French wasn’t wasted after-all!)
Next to arrive was what I consider to be one of the finest desserts ever created by humans.

Orange Almond Cake
Orange Almond Cake with Bitter Chocolate Mousse.

Admittedly there is a small amount of bias in my comment as being Gluten intolerant this is one of the few desserts I can eat, but everyone else at the table was in agreement and also ordered one.
If heaven could be contained to a plate, this would be it. And enjoying it so much I proceeded to eat it everyday ( sometimes twice a day) for the next 3 days!

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