India – Land of Extremes

As I sat at the traffic signal I saw an old man weave unsteadily between the lines of waiting cars asking for money. In his eighties, sunken cheeks indicating a lack of teeth, barefoot and dressed in a torn vest and dhoti, he gradually came closer.
Turning my gaze to the left in the hope that lack of eye contact would make me invisible, I spied a Rs4.5 crore (1 Crore is 10 million Rupees – a mythical sum not seen by many outside of politics) Rolls Royce Phantom beside me, the sun glinting off its highly waxed body, it’s teenage occupants in the back seat, shielded from the outside world by it’s tinted double glazed windows.

English: Rolls Royce Phantom at the IAA 2007 D...
Hearing a tap on the glass I turned back, lowered my window and emptied the contents of my pocket into a wizened outstretched palm.

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