Sweetness in Siem Reap

I was looking through the cupboard today to find something to satisfy my sugar craving and found something I had bought on my recent visit to Siem Reap.
In the villages outside Siem Reap I would often see by the road side large pots steaming away and on closer inspection I discovered that they were making palm sugar or skaa t’nout,” ស្ករ ត្នោត in Khmer. (hat tip to Ethan Crowley)

Stirring the Sugar Syrup

Stirring the Sugar Syrup

Palm Sugar is unrefined and has a low Glycemic Index (it’s also full of B vitamins) so much healthier than white sugar so I feel justified in consuming it in large quantities.


Needless to say I bought a couple of packets and started crunching away on the way back to the hotel in the tuk- tuk.
Surprisingly a packet has remained but not for long!

The finished product

The finished product

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