Batty in Bombay! – Visitors in the night!

I was in bed last night, sleep eluding me in the sticky humid heat. I could hear a rustling of branches and the flapping of wings through the window.
Wondering what bird would be awake at that late hour I peeled myself off the sweat soaked sheet and peered out through the mosquito netting. It wasn’t birds that I heard but huge fruit bats feasting on the ripening mangos hanging in the tree outside my window. With a wing span of up to 5 feet they are quite a spooky sight in the dark.
I tried to get a photo but the light from the flash kept bouncing off the mosquito netting so none of the photos came out. Instead here is a photo I found online.

Indian Fruit Bat

Indian Fruit Bat

It’s experiences like this that remind me that I am not in Kansas New Zealand anymore!

Pic courtesy Neil Strickland

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