Dining with Bollywood Stars – Is it uncool to acknowledge them?

Bollywood Stars

Pic Courtesy Meanest Indian

The other day The Boss and I went to visit our friend who lives in Bandra in West Mumbai. Bandra was first colonized by the Portuguese in the 1500’s and administered by Jesuit Priests and consequently became home to a predominantly Christian population.

In more recent times Bandra has become the preferred residential location for the rich and famous and is to Mumbai what Beverley Hills is to Los Angeles.

Many of Bollywood’s bright lights live here and every time The Boss and I come to eat in one of the many excellent restaurants we always spot a celebrity.  Not seen a superstar yet, the equivalent of say, a Tom Cruise or a Julia Roberts, but we have spotted many other actors and actresses each time we have dined.

The Boss is an excellent spotter. She only needs to see someone once in a magazine and will then recognize them anywhere. I am terrible. Most of these people, without makeup and in normal clothes look nothing like their on-screen persona, so consequently I never notice, preferring to tuck into my food and knock back copious quantities of fermented grape juice, and it is only when the Boss brings them to my attention, that I realize that I am eating in the presence of Bollywood Royalty.

The interesting thing is that if any of these film and TV stars are out in public in other parts of the city or India they are mobbed in no time by the public. But in Bandra that is uncool. Bandra residents may glance sideways and will possibly mention it to their companion, but will not make a fuss and they just carry on with whatever they are doing.   Even though I am a foreigner here and don’t watch a great deal of Hindi films I still get a thrill at seeing someone famous or even infamous, but Bandra people would never lower themselves to indulge in star struck adoration.

I wonder if it’s the same in Beverly Hills? Can any readers enlighten me?

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