The Earl of Sandwiches! – Gourmet Sandwiches on the streets of Mumbai

One of the great items of street food you can get in Mumbai is the Bombay Sandwich.
Made by a hawker on the side of the road there are often many variations but in it’s classic form it is two slices of soft white bread with the crusts removed, buttered with Amul butter (for those of my readers who have grown up in Mumbai this will bring back fond memories), then a layer of green chili-coriander chutney on one piece, with a layer of red garlic chutney on the other, followed by slices of boiled potato, cucumber, onion, beetroot and then seasoned with chaat masala. Each bite is a  mouth-watering burst of different flavours that can’t be described, only experienced.

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker

I recently discovered this guy in Borivali, one of the outer suburbs in Mumbai, who has expanded the traditional sandwich into a huge repertoire of varieties that would put Subway to shame.

Sandwich Menu

Sandwich Menu

Plying his trade for the past 4 years he prides himself in being the most expensive (because of his quality ingredients but he is still cheap) and having the widest range. Sometimes you have to wait for up to ½ an hour before you get your sandwich, such is the crowd!
What impressed me was his cleanliness and the meticulous organization of his (small) kitchen. Someone who fully understands the concept “Mise en Place’ if not the expression!

Wibs Bread

Wibs Bread



It took me a while to figure out what Meonis was! (Mayonnaise)
I am gluten intolerant so I didn’t think I could partake in his fare but discovered that he even makes a breadless sandwich. Two slices of paneer (cottage cheese), toasted so that they become firm, take place of the bread. Delicious!

A finished  open sandwich

A finished open sandwich

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