Local Boy makes good!


India is full of stories, both heartwarming and heart breaking.

This one is an inspiration!

5 years ago a local boy from a poor family used to wash our car to earn money to help pay his way through school. His father is an “Istry wallah” every day taking in piles of clothes and ironing them with a coal iron. 3 rupees a piece.


We helped him financially wherever we could but the onus was on him. He had to put in the work, to study and apply himself at school.


When you help someone out, too often it takes away their ability to do things for themselves, and they become complacent and lazy. We have seen it too many times.


But he studied hard, each time bringing his exam results to show us how he had done. He took extra tuitions to improve on his weaker subjects.


He graduated and got a job with the State Bank of India, working his way up through the ranks, studying and passing internal examinations.


Rising early each day, he walks for half an hour from his home to the bus stop and then takes a 2 hour bus journey to his office in a rural town far from Bangalore. At the end of the day the same journey is repeated back home. 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.


The other day a confident young man knocked on our door and shook my hand. Fluent in English, smiling, happy and healthy, he excitedly related his experiences working in the bank, his plans for the future, his dream of buying a home for his parents, and thanked us for the help we gave him all those years ago when he was a young student washing a car.

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