Sunday. Church? No…….Multicoloured cocktails and a technicolour yawn!

Last Sunday was pa-in-law’s birthday so we all decided to go for a family lunch.
Sunday lunch in Bangalore in a Restaurant/Hotel usually means a buffet style brunch. These range from an inexpensive Indian buffet right through to a full multi-cuisine spread, with unlimited Champagne, at a price you need to sell your kidney to raise the money to attend.
We decided to trek out to Whitefield, a suburb in Eastern Bangalore about 35 kms from where we live. Whitefield is known as a hub for the IT Industry and consequently large residential complexes have sprung up to house the software professionals who have come from not just around India but other parts of the world. As a result of this there are many restaurants and hotels to cater for this influx of residents.

Like That Only
One such place is “Like That Only”. An interesting little restaurant set around an enclosed garden filled with unusual decorations; Like That Only offers a reasonably priced brunch of Pan-Asian food. The food is very good but what sets this place apart from all the others is that the barmen seem to have free range of the bar and spend the whole afternoon inventing weird and wonderful cocktails which they then foist upon the customers. They will mix up any drink you can think of and many you have never heard of. I am not sure how they manage to stay in business as the amount of alcohol they get through must surely surpass the price of the brunch.

The last time we came here, I, like a teenager discovering alcohol for the first time, tried everything they put in front of me and got so hammered that despite a self-induced two finger assisted regurgitation of the contents of my stomach in the toilets, was in danger of repeating the process, albeit involuntarily, all over the driver on the journey back home.

Shooters for the Whole Restaurant

Complimentary Shooters for the Whole Restaurant

Not wanting to repeat the experience, or the wasted Monday that would inevitably follow, I nursed a glass of red wine all afternoon, and every time a new concoction was placed in front of me I generously slid it along the table in front of my brother-in-law.
Delighting in my big-hearted benevolence,  he knocked them all back one by one, including, but not limited to,

Grape and Goat Cheese Martini
Grape and Goat Cheese Martini

Chocolate Martini
Chocolate Martini
Marveling at his seemingly cast iron lined stomach I then watched as he proceeded to the lawn for the complementary foot massage!

Complimentary Foot Massage
All in all a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, as long as you maintain control….. or have a cast iron stomach!

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