A peaceful haven amidst Bangkok’s bustle


For me, no trip to Bangkok is complete without a trip to the Erawan Shrine.

Located on the bustling Ratchprasong intersection in Sukhumvit, the shrine is a monument to the 4 faced Hindu god Brahma, known as Than Tao Mahaprom in Thai.

The shrine was built back in 1956 and the story goes that when what is now the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel was under construction there were many problems and delays. An astrologer advised that the land spirits needed to be appeased and proposed that the shrine was built. Once the shrine was completed, the construction proceeded without any problems and the Hotel opened to great success.

Despite the hundreds of cars streaming past and the two layers of Sky-Train tracks above, it is always easy to find an element of peace here. The multitude of worshippers jostling for space, kneeling and praying, seeking solace, all melts away when you close your eyes, replaced instead with a tranquility you yearn to recapture long after leaving.

It is also said that any wish one makes at this shrine comes true, and I have to confess that this has happened for me. So whether it’s inner peace you seek or something more material pay the Shrine a visit next time you are in Bangkok.

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