The Mystery of the disappearing Power Supply!

Pic Credit: Meanest Indian

Pic Credit: Meanest Indian

We have been getting constant power cuts over the last two weeks. Up to 4 times a day and lasting for hours at a time.
It’s extremely frustrating of course. Although we have a backup battery supply, with power cuts this frequent it doesn’t take long before it is drained out. Also a lot of the appliances that we need to use don’t run off the battery supply and inevitably it is just when we need to use them that the power disappears. When the mixer is needed for the cooking for example or I have just put a cake in the oven.
However we have discovered a puzzling but effective solution.
There is a complaints number you can call when there is no power supply. The complaint is then sent by the call center to the area power station. If we register one complaint nothing seems to happen. So what we do is this. We have 4 mobiles in the house so we phone from each mobile and register a complaint, giving a different neighbor’s address each time. This way they will take it a bit more seriously and won’t think it is the same person complaining all the time. It usually takes about 2 -3 complaints and the power miraculously comes on almost immediately.
I have this mental image of a man in the electricity department falling asleep in his office and as he slumps at his desk he knocks the power switch off. He is a deep sleeper so the first call doesn’t wake him. The second or third complaint call finally rouses him from his slumber. Realizing what he has done, he turns the power on again!


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the disappearing Power Supply!

  1. Trust you to always find a solution to the common Indian man’s problems. Now to find the time to read all the previous interesting posts….:)


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