Is your child always sleepy?

Pic Credit : Spigoo

Pic Credit : Spigoo

They loved their young daughter and hated the fact that financial circumstances meant they both had to work. But needs must and they did the next best thing they could, which was to hire a Nanny to look after their child while they were at work. It broke their hearts to leave her every morning and they would rush home as soon as they could after leaving the office in the evenings.
Things seemed to be going ok but after a few weeks they were puzzled to find their child was always very tired and drowsy when they got home. Thinking it was maybe just a phase or the approach of an illness they decided to observe her over the next few days to see what happens.
That weekend while washing his car, the child’s father was greeted by one of his neighbors. During the course of conversation the neighbor asked “Are you sending your child to daycare every day?”
“No, why do you ask” replied the father
“Well, every morning after you and your wife leave for the office, the Nanny goes out with your child and doesn’t come back until just before you return home in the evening, so I assumed she was going to daycare”
The father was understandably concerned as the Nanny had strict instructions not to leave the house, so after discussing with his wife they hatched a plan.
On Monday morning they left for work as usual, but instead of driving to the office they drove around the block and parked up a little distance away from their home, just close enough to watch the house but far away enough not to be observed.
Sure enough about half an hour later they watched as the nanny left the house with their daughter.
They followed at a distance and what they observed next horrified them!
For the last couple of weeks, the Nanny had been taking the child every morning and renting her to a gang of beggars at a nearby traffic signal. There they dosed her up on cough medicine so she would sleep all day and handed her to a young “mother” who would then spend the day approaching motorists stopped at the signal, tapping on the car windows teary eyed and beseeching the occupants of the vehicle to, “please give me money so I can feed my baby”. At the end of the day they would return her to the Nanny who would bring her home still drowsy from the after-effects of the overdose of cough syrup.
By the way, this is not a work of fiction!


4 thoughts on “Is your child always sleepy?

  1. I am simply shocked. Where did this happen? I heard about children being drugged by their beggar parents so they would be quiet a whole day on the streets but this is beyond imagination. You gave me goosebumps.


  2. I hope the nanny was reported to CPS. This is not typical behavior of a nanny. Having a nanny is typically a safe choice for childcare. I wonder where the family found this nanny? Nannies should be properly screened before being hired.


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