Elite Athletes performing live in my neighborhood!

Pic Credit:

Pic Credit: Garry Knight

I am always appreciative of elite sportsmen and women and the dedication they have to reach the pinnacle in their chosen sporting fields.

It is always inspiring to see them performing and whenever I get the chance to see them in action I jump at it.

I was very fortunate yesterday to see one of the premier local sporting teams in action. Gold medalists at the Asian Games and runners-up at the London Olympics, these athletes are still in peak physical condition and performing at the top of their game.

I was sitting by the side of the road when their team transport (a small white hatchback) pulled over in front of me. All 8 members of the team, 5 players and 3 reserves, jumped out, ready for action. With clockwork precision they lined up equidistant from one another, each angled slightly to avoid distracting eye contact and as one, began their performance. Hours and hours of dedicated training and practice evident in their skill and dexterity. Every movement performed in exact synchronicity with their teammates. With a flourish, their performance ended, they filed back into the team transport, and headed for their next public performance somewhere up the road.

I had just witnessed the Men’s Synchronized Urination Team in action!

6 thoughts on “Elite Athletes performing live in my neighborhood!

  1. Seems like you just spotted some raw talent here. Someone (also extremely talented but not very synchronized) who happens to live in my house would like to audition for this team…Can perform even without stepping out of the vehicle at times…


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