Times, they are a changin!

Travelling through India it is common to see saffron-robed men by the side of the road. Hindu renunciates known as Sadhus these men wander from pilgrimage place to pilgrimage place, usually on foot, carrying minimal possessions and sleeping wherever they get shelter, relying on the generosity of the public for their food.
Returning to Bangalore from Mumbai last week in the car, my niece piped up from the back seat, “How do these Sadhus manage walking from town to town? Don’t they get tired?”

I was unable to reply, busy as I was avoiding crashing into a water buffalo who had taken up residence in my lane, so the Boss replied “they walk until they are tired and then they stop for the night”
“But how do they manage?” persisted my niece. “They don’t have computers”
“Why do they need computers”? The Boss asked, my niece’s question intriguing enough to drag even my attention away from wildlife avoidance.
“If they don’t have computers then they can’t book their rooms”

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