Pic Credit : PBrundel

Pic Credit : PBrundel

Driving to the shops today to pick up my groceries I thought that the back door of my SUV hadn’t been closed properly. Pulling over to the side of the road, I got out of the car and almost fainted as an overwhelming smell assailed my nostrils. Emanating from the foot of a nearby wall, the smell of ammonia was so strong that it turned all the hair on my head white! Gasping for breath and feeling faint I clambered back into the car and it was then, as I slowly recovered consciousness, that I had a moment worthy of Archimedes.

Eureka! I just discovered one of the major differences between India and Sri Lanka (as pondered in my last post).

Public urination!

In contrast to the daily sight of men flagrantly hosing down walls and irrigating trees with their appendages, in the nine days I was in Sri Lanka I did not witness a single example of public micturition.

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