Subzero Cinema temperatures.

The cinemas in Bangkok are freezing so make sure you take a shawl or sweater when you go to watch a movie. However if like me you spend the day wandering around in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops, you can actually request a blanket when you hand over your ticket!

If you dont you run the risk of having low grade hypothermia by the time the film is over.


If you like World Movies then try “English Vinglish”

I am a big fan of cinema and particularly foreign language movies. With “the Boss” being Indian I have watched more than my fair share of Bollywood movies but have tired of them of late, limiting myself to only watching the more realistic “art house” movies rather than the commercial blockbusters.
However the other day after much encouragement from the Boss, I sat down and watched the movie “English Vinglish”. This is a thoroughly entertaining gem which follows the struggles of a “traditional” Indian mother and her attempts to learn English to avoid ridicule from her family. The movie marks the comeback after 15 years of former Bollywood

English: Sridevi during an audio launch.

English: Sridevi during an audio launch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

superstar Sridevi. She was a delight to watch (hard to believe she is pushing 50!) and I understand now why she has had such a fan following. The line “her eyes are like two drops of coffee in a cloud of milk” was one of my favourites. ( I tried it on the Boss, but was met with instant suspicion!)
The support cast was equally as good.
I have become a fan of the theatre actor Adil Hussain after seeing his performance in “Life

of Pi” and his performance here as a dismissive, condescending husband was also great to watch.
Mehdi Nebbou  as the French love interest was also very good and being a big fan of French Cinema, I will certainly check out his filmography on IMDB to see what else of his I can watch.
Certainly worth a trip to your local Indian video shop to rent the movie. Just make sure it has English subtitles because although there is a lot of English dialogue you will miss a lot of the subtle nuances of the story if you can’t understand Hindi.

Mingling in Bangkok with Foreign Movie Stars!

Walking down Sukhumvit Soi 21 in Bangkok tonight and saw a group of Indians standing around a large film camera. A group of garishly made up western girls stood nearby next to a young Indian man in a bright yellow suit and large black framed glasses.
I asked ” are you making a movie?”
“Yes yes” the camera men replied.
Not recognising anyone from my limited knowledge of Bollywood movies, I asked “which language? Tamil?”
“Telegu picture Saar” came the reply.
Spying the plastic bag full of Indian spices in my hand (don’t ask) they asked “Indian?” to which I replied, “No, wife Indian”.
“OK, OK very fine” they replied.
Fascinating world we live in! That a movie aimed at the Telegu speaking population of Andhra Pradesh will fly a whole film unit out to Bangkok to film a song and dance scene on the side of one of the busiest intersections in Bangkok.