My Partners in Crime

Who is Tommy?

You may wonder after reading some of my posts, who Tommy is.
Tommy is my Tape Worm whose ever present demands for more food inspires me to search for new and interesting ways to satisfy his insatiable hunger.
If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have eaten in half as many interesting places around the world so I have him to thank for most of my culinary adventures.
Sometimes I suspect that the Boss also has a relative of Tommy, as her hunger often surpasses mine!

Who’s The Boss?

My long suffering partner, imbued with the patience of a saint and the appetite of a family of ravens.

My faithful companion on many a travel adventure and one who can rustle up a culinary treasure with the minimum of time and ingredients.

If it wasn’t for Tommy I would have the Boss to thank for an expanding waistline.

6 thoughts on “My Partners in Crime

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