Mingling in Bangkok with Foreign Movie Stars!

Walking down Sukhumvit Soi 21 in Bangkok tonight and saw a group of Indians standing around a large film camera. A group of garishly made up western girls stood nearby next to a young Indian man in a bright yellow suit and large black framed glasses.
I asked ” are you making a movie?”
“Yes yes” the camera men replied.
Not recognising anyone from my limited knowledge of Bollywood movies, I asked “which language? Tamil?”
“Telegu picture Saar” came the reply.
Spying the plastic bag full of Indian spices in my hand (don’t ask) they asked “Indian?” to which I replied, “No, wife Indian”.
“OK, OK very fine” they replied.
Fascinating world we live in! That a movie aimed at the Telegu speaking population of Andhra Pradesh will fly a whole film unit out to Bangkok to film a song and dance scene on the side of one of the busiest intersections in Bangkok.