A Small Big City!


Parsi Bakery

Mumbai always amazes me in that despite it’s official population of 18.5 million (unofficially much more) it still can be quite small.
Yesterday evening, heeding the commands of the Boss’s rumbling stomach (her tape worm being just as demanding as mine); we headed down to Andheri, one of Mumbai’s western suburbs, about 12 kms from where we are currently staying, to visit a famous Parsi Bakery. Parsees being the Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran who migrated to India around the 8th or 10th century AD and known for running nice bakeries.
A couple of hours later when back home, stomachs full of chicken and mutton patties, the Boss got a message on Facebook from her ex Mumbai school friend who now lives in Singapore. “Were you in Andheri around 7 o’clock this evening?” she asked. “My brother said he saw you crossing the road”!!

Photo by:  JimReeves


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