The Little Emperor – my neighbourhood Richie Rich!

Richie Rich

Living in India one is always witness to constant contrasts. In a country where almost 69% of the population lives on less than USD$2 a day (According to World Bank figures) there are still many examples of extreme wealth. Whilst you do see increasing numbers of exotic cars on the roads and large houses being constructed, it’s the little things that make you realize how wealthy some people are.
Yesterday I was in a gourmet food shop satisfying my desire for foreign cheese, and I watched as a little boy all of 6 years old, walked in followed by his driver, and his body-guard. The boy had just come from playing cricket and his bodyguard was carrying his bat, helmet and gloves.
Wandering over to the shelves he picked up a vile looking bottle of blue colored sugar-water, walked to the counter, and confirmed with the shop assistant that it was in fact a sports drink, at which point his driver handed over the money. The boy took a couple of swigs from the bottle then handed it back to his driver and walked out the door, entourage following in his wake!
Meanwhile after searching for change, I paid for my items, held the door open with my foot and carried my own bags out to my modest self-driven car.

Photo Credit : t3min4t0r



A village with 60 millionaires!

I wanted to share the article below with you as it is very inspiring. Living in the world today it is too easy to become disheartened with the constant barrage of negative news, and we often believe that an individual cannot make a difference.

India is a rapidly growing country with a massive and diverse population, and this rapid growth brings with it many challenges. It is so refreshing and heartwarming to come across a story such as the one below which shows you that there is hope for positive change and there are people out there doing wonderful things.

A village with 60 millionaires!