Chocolate and Wine! – in one easy delivery system!

Chocolate and Wine

Two of my favorite things! So imagine my excitement when a friend of mine in Mumbai presented me with this bottle.

Choco Vino

Now I am not one of those people who can wax lyrically about the different flavors and scents emanating from a glass of plonk. To me it either tastes good or it doesn’t. And they all taste of grapes.
My brother is different. He is a wine maker back in NZ and unfortunately he has gone over to the dark side. Before he completed his wine making degree at University I remember phoning him up for some wine recommendations and his advice was to go to the supermarket and buy whatever is on special offer because “you can get some very good wines for a couple of dollars”.
Once he graduated he told me one wine-infused evening that he would never buy a bottle under $20! That was after swilling some wine around in his mouth and announcing that he could taste (and smell) in no particular order, river stones, autumn leaves and lanolin. I suspect he was channeling some hidden fantasy involving farm animals and the countryside, but no matter how hard I try I can never smell or taste anything other than grape juice.

Choco Vino
Reading the label on this bottle it proclaimed that the wine has a chocolate flavor and unusually is best served chilled or “Thailand style” on ice.

Game to try anything I opened the bottle and poured a glass and was quite amazed to get a distinct chocolate aroma. So amazed in fact that I ran round the house shoving my glass under the nose of all and sundry to see if they could smell it!

Upon tasting, the wine does in fact have a distinct chocolate flavor. I mean it still tastes of wine but does have something about it that makes you think of chocolate. The colder the wine is the more distinct the flavor becomes.
Over the next couple of days I hunted high and low through Mumbai wine stores until I could find a shop that stocks it, and bought an armful of bottles to take back to Bangalore. Now in the interests of efficiency and time management I can enjoy my two favorite vices in one easy glass!


Culinary indulgence in Bangkok

We started our Bangkok food trip at the Intercontinental with the most deliciously presented coffee we have ever seen, complete with sugar on a stick!

This is how coffee should be served!

This is how coffee should be served!

White Tea and Matcha cookies

White Tea and Matcha cookies

Afternoon Tea at the Intercontinental Bangkok

We ended our trip with this: New Zealand Pinot Noir, Banana and Yoghurt smoothie, and a Coffee Cake. This was just mine, The Boss had a glass of water!


Black Market Wine in a former French Colony

Pondicherry has until recently been a tax free zone and even now the taxes are much lower than the other Indian States.
Feeling a little parched in the hot tropical sun I asked an expat, where I could buy some of the grape juice that the French are partial to, assuming it would be much cheaper in Pondicherry and also readily available for the thousands of thirsty French tourists who arrive every year.
He suggested I try the local wine shop but said that they didn’t have much selection, mainly having Indian and South African wines.
After pausing for some thought he mentioned that there was a place where I could get some very good French red wine but I would need to listen very carefully to his instructions as it wasn’t strictly legal.
Feeling thirstier by the minute and my tastebuds salivating at the thought of quaffing back some of France’s finest, I paid close attention ( my school teachers would have been proud if I had paid this much attention in class).
That evening I turned up outside the shop described to me by the helpful expat. A big sign saying “Duty Free” was above a shop window filled with aftershaves, perfumes and a selection of plastic toys.
Waiting til the appointed time of 5.30pm, ( any earlier and the owner’s school age son would be behind the counter and not aware of the fine liquids otherwise available from his establishment), I pushed open the door and walked in, followed by my equally dehydrated brother in law. We approached the counter nervously and gathering up all the bravado we could muster ( but still feeling a little stupid saying this in a toy shop) announced to the man behind the counter that we had come to buy some red wine.
Frowning he looked at me suspiciously and then looked at my brother in law with even more suspicion ( he can be pretty dodgy looking). After what seemed like an eternity he glanced towards the door and then sighed. Pushing back his chair he reached down below the counter and slowly pulled out a dusty bottle of French Merlot. It had a label from a fancy French vineyard and seemed to be of a suitable age.

As I eagerly reached for it, thoughts of an evening on the roof top terrace gazing out over the Indian Ocean, cool sea breeze wafting over me and a glass of Merlot in my hand, I felt that something was not quite right. As I feverishly grasped the bottle my fingers pressed indentations into the bottle.
It was plastic!